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      Tribest Dynapro Commercial Vacuum Blender DPS-1050A

      In Summary

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      The Tribest Dynapro Vacuum Blender solves the problem of excess oxidation in blended mixtures, and with 2.5 hp of power it handles all the tasks that raw foodists want to tackle when pursuing a healthy raw foods lifestyle. bpa free logoRapid oxidation reduces the shelf life and nutritional qualities of food and normal non-vacuum blenders exacerbate this problem by whisking a lot of air into the mixture. Smoothies from a normal blender for example need to be consumed quickly when they are at their best. Vacuum blenders are claimed to prevent this early oxidation as well as offering a higher nutritional content by stopping any immediate oxidation during the blending cycle. Simply use the vacuum pump provided to exclude air from the sealed jug before blending and you are on your way to healthier blended food and drinks.

      Key Features

      • Vacuum seal your ingredients before blending for better nutrition
      • Two vacuum pumps provided - electric or hand pumped
      • Double walled 32 oz noise reducing BPA free blender jug
      • 2.5 hp of power handles even the toughest ingredients
      • Manual, timer or automatic 'one touch' control functions
      • Backlit LCD display for intuitive and easy operation
      • Metal on metal blade drive coupling for increased durability
      • Stainless steel scoop included that doubles up as a tamper/smoothie stick
      • 'Raw Temperature' indicator on jug changes colour when ingredients are getting warm
      • Upgraded model for 2018 with redesigned pumps, blades and containers

      UK Juicers Says

      Pump it up! Or more accurately pump it out. Removing the air from the valve sealed blender jug is claimed to offer immediate nutritional advantages in your blended ingredients by reducing the oxidation that inevitably happens when you whisk lots of air into a mixture at high speed. Certainly there is a visible difference in the results; colours are more vibrant and liquids are less prone to early separation. Stability of the blended ingredients is better and they take much longer to discolour than the results from a normal blender. This means healthier results. To achieve the vacuum you have the option of attaching the battery powered pump provided to the jug, or for even better air exclusion you can spend about half a minute pumping it out with the simple hand pump that also comes in the box. 

      2.5hp peak power provides plenty of power for raw fooder tasks like grinding flax or making raw green veg smoothies. You can use simple timer and speed controls for the blender and interrupt the cycle at any time with manual control, or there are three 'one touch' functions for blend, pulse, or combo. Combo is the closest thing to most other automatic blending cycles where the speed is varied up and down, although when using the Dynapro with difficult ingredients we'd recommend a bit of judicious manual use of the pulse function to get smoother results.

      If you are just whipping up a smoothie for immediate consumption then we'd suggest most of the time you won't pump out the air first. But if you do use the pump you are all set for better shelf life in your blended ingredients and you can line up bottles of smoothies in your fridge for later consumption, confident that nutrient deterioration has been dramatically reduced by eliminating the rapid oxidation that can happen using non-vacuum blenders.

      At times when you are not using the vacuum function, then the included stainless scoop can sit in the jug while the blender is working and act as a stirrer (or smoothie stick) to ensure all the ingredients get into the path of the four pronged stainless steel blade assembly for smooth results.

      For people who want to ensure no enzyme destruction there's a temperature indicator in the form of a blue star on the jug that changes to white when things are getting warmed up during blending. This is something raw fooders will appreciate as it ensures the contents of the jug remain 'raw' in the truest sense of the word.

      The Dynapro by Tribest offers something different to the standard raw food blender options available and we think the trend of vacuum blending is going to become more and more common in the near future. 

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      Tech Specs

      Model Number: DPS-1050A
      Colour: Black
      Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 269x246x455
      Weight Unboxed (Kg): 5.9
      Warranty: 15 Years domestic; 3 years commercial


      Tribest Dynapro Commercial Vacuum Blender DPS-1050A

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