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      Tribest Sedona Supreme Commercial Dehydrator SDC-S101

      In Summary

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      The Tribest Sedona Supreme Commercial Dehydrator keeps the sophisticated two stage programmable timer and temperature control from the rest of the Sedona range, but ditches the twin drying zones in favour of a simpler single large fan design, optimised for large batch food dehydrating such as in a commercial setting. The two stage program allows for an initial fast drying phase to drive off much of the moisture at higher temperatures, with a gentler second phase of drying for nutrient preservation. The user can program any combination of the two stages at specific temperatures for up to 99 hours each. Single stage drying programs of up to 99 hours are also available, as well as a continuous use feature.

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      Key Features

      • Whisper quiet operation
      • Tempered glass hinged door
      • Internal LED light 
      • Horizontal fan airflow for even drying
      • Thermostatic control from 30ºC-68ºC (85ºF - 155ºF) for safe drying
      • Computer controlled two stage sequential timers (TST) with digital display
      • Continuous operation mode
      • 9 Stainless trays 
      • 1 BPA-Free plastic drip tray

      UK Juicers Says

      The Tribest Sedona Supreme follows on from earlier Sedona models with the electronic sophistication of twin stage sequential drying controls, but with the simpler format of a single box design with one powerful fan and a more commercial focus. For us there's not much else to set it apart as a commercial model except the stainless steel trays, but we do like the relative simplicity. It makes more sense to us as a premium home use variant in the range.

      The reputation for being acceptably quiet in operation continues in the Sedona Supreme, the drying programming is pretty straightforward after a quick familiarisation, and the larger fan shifts a reassuring amount of freshly filtered air over your dehydrator ingredients. There's a spare washable air filter in the box to ensure continuous clean air drying and with all the sophistication of the programming options, precision control of every stage of the process is at your fingertips. We suspect though that in many commercial environments the continuous use function will be just as helpful, with chef deciding on the temperature and determining timing based on what he or she sees through the large glass door. Another nice feature is the internal LED downlighter that illuminates proceedings automatically when you pull down the glass door. 

      Tribest products are not cheap and we understand the attraction of the various technologies they develop but in this case we question how much they actually achieve over a standard horizontal dehydrator with a countdown timer? That depends on how hands on you want to be with the dehydrating process. Some hobbyists and enthusiasts will love the fine tuning and the repeatability of successful results that the digital control has to offer. You can still do twin sequential timing with a standard dehydrator though - you just can't program the second stage before the first one finishes! Certainly in our opinion there are more solid options for the many small scale commercial dehydrating businesses who often have simple requirements. If you are making say kale chips, dog treats or beef jerky on an artisanal commercial level, then an option like the all stainless model found here makes a lot more sense. However, as a sophisticated premium home use model with a huge repertoire, The Tribest Sedoma Supreme Commercial Dehydrator is a great choice. 

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      Red the instruction manual here.

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      Tech Specs

      Model Number: SDC-S101
      Colour: Black
      Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 500x310x370
      Motor Power (Watts): 570
      Weight Unboxed (Kg): 8.7
      Temperature Range: 30ºC-68ºC (85ºF - 155ºF)
      Warranty: 10 years


      Tribest Sedona Supreme Commercial Dehydrator SDC-S101

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