Tribest Z Star Z-710 Manual Wheatgrass Juicer

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1 review for Tribest Z Star Z-710 Manual Wheatgrass Juicer

  1. Awesome
    Love, love, love this machine. I used for 2 weeks, then lent it to my neighbour to prepare for his hip operation hoping he would recover faster with the help of living juices, and he wants to keep it forever, so just buying the second one… Simplicity and efficiency, very easy to clean, and seems strong built. Pulp is dry enough. Genius. One thing I didn’t like that I can’t use just a normal drinking glass to collect the juice, it needs that Z shaped plastic container that it comes with, but I guess it is designed this way for compactness. I cut the carrots into quite narrow so it doesn’t struggle at all. A serrated knife with a thin blade is a big help when preparing the fruits and veggies for juicing, it makes it a quick, enjoyable process instead of a pain in the butt 🙂 I am happy with the purchase. Hopefully the price reflects a long lasting quality,

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    Dini, (verified owner)

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