UK Juicers 18oz Stainless Steel Juice Flask in Satin Orange

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4 reviews for UK Juicers 18oz Stainless Steel Juice Flask in Satin Orange

  1. Don’t hesitate – buy one!
    I was rather hesitant about paying out what is a fair amount of money for a water/juice bottle, but I needn’t have been! These Hydro Flasks are absolutely excellent and do just what they say. My ice-cold water stays ice-cold for hours and the bottle really doesn’t sweat which is so good – I always had to put my cold drinks bottles into a plastic bag before putting them in the outer pocket of my rucksack as they made everything soaking wet. With this brilliant flask I have no such problems. It is very well made, comes with a 100 year guarantee and you can even go on-line and select a charity which the manufacturers will donate 5% of the price of the flask to. No more lukewarm drinks and no more soggy rucksacks – brilliant. Well worth the money. I haven’t tried it for hot drinks yet but if it works anywhere near as well as it does for cold, then I’ll be delighted.

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    Alison, Folkestone (verified owner)

  2. The best flask ever
    This is by far the best flask I have ever owned. It keeps your drinks uber chilled and the bottle never sweats so no issues when transporting in my work or gym bag. I love it and I think it’s worth every penny. Thanks UK Juicers.

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    Lorna, Sutton (verified owner)

  3. The perfect flask
    I have bought two of these for my children to take to school and they are absolutely brilliant. My daughter is convinced that the cold water she takes with her on hot summer days actually gets colder throughout the day.
    I love the simple design, the fact that there are no fiddly plastic tops which, in my opinion, can never be cleaned properly and also the double wall which keeps the outside of the bottle perfectly dry.
    Also, they are made of stainless steel rather than aluminium which is another big plus for me.
    My only, minor complaint is that I would have liked the branding to be a little more subtle.
    I am now going to buy one for myself.

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    L Townson, Bucharest (verified owner)

  4. Superb
    Purchased one of these with a blender some weeks ago! Without hesitation they are outstanding both in quality and functionality. About to order two more as I can’t get a look in with the first one. Whilst quality comes with a price you get what you pay for.

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    Ajp1608, Plymouth (verified owner)

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