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3 reviews for Benriner Turning Slicer Vertical

  1. Benriner Spiraliser
    I ummed & rrrd looked at several spiraliser videos but in the end bought the Benriner. I have fallen in love with it I have Fibromialgia & wanted something easy to use & this is it. Salads taste different, more juicy & flavoursome. I have tried various madolins & graters which are not so easy to use & store as this little machine, fabulous….Useful tip I put mine in a bowl so the salad is contained.

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    Cathy, Dorset (verified owner)

  2. Wow!
    If you want courgette pasta in the blink of an eye and the most amazing thinly sliced onion and angel hair carrot ribbons, this easy to use, easy to clean, neat little number does the job perfectly. Haven’t managed to actually use yet as my partner has taken over the veg prep – an unexpected perk!

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    Madame Bean, London (verified owner)

  3. Wish I’d bought this one first
    Although I have a Benriner mandoline and love it, I was put off buying their vertical slicer because the model I saw in a shop was too big for my tiny kitchen. Over the next couple of years, I bought three different brands on the basis of size and regretted each one because none of them did the job properly. Finally I gave in and made some room for the (imagined) giant Benriner. I was delighted to find that the model that was delivered was much smaller than the big one I’d seen elsewhere, i.e. home kitchen size rather than catering size. Don’t be put off by how light this model is – it’s more robust than it feels and delivers perfect results once you get the technique right. Two caveats. It’s quite fiddly to clean off the debris, but I learned from other brands that ease of cleaning is usually a trade-off against efficiency, And it *will* stain. You can’t shred peppers, sweet potatoes, and other highly-pigmented veg without discolouring white plastic. Accept it as a patina. All in all, an excellent piece of kit and worth the money.

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    karent, (verified owner)

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