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      Eiffel Fresherpack Pro L/N Vacuum Sealer

      In Summary

      Preserve your dehydrated foods and other perishable goods for even longer storage periods with the new Fresherpack Pro L/N Vacuum Sealer. Available with different vacuum sealer bags and sealing roll options, the powerful vacuum pump on the Fresherpack can remove air from an area up to 30cm wide and automatically seal the vacuum preserved contents in just seconds. This eliminates the bothersome issue of early oxidisation of your foods and preserves the nutritional value, flavour and aromatics for up to three times longer than conventional storage methods. The Fresherpack Low Noise Vacuum Sealer comes with 10 large sealer bags to get you started, you can add more in the product options below.

      Key Features

      • Quietest sealer available
      • Automatic, simple operation
      • Sous Vide compatible
      • No rest time between seals for cooling
      • 30cm maximum seal width
      • 2 year warranty

      UK Juicers Says

      The Fresherpack is perfect for sealing in the flavour of fresh or freshly dried herbs, flowers and pot pourri because you have complete control of the vacuuming process. Delicate items can be protected from crushing by stopping the suction at any point and sealing at the just the right moment. You can also operate the fresherpack automatically with the specially designed vacuum sealer bags and rolls with one button operation. Unlike normal bags, the specially designed vacuum sealing bags and rolls have embossed texture to allow them to stretch and mould perfectly around the items you are preserving so that all the excess air is eliminated. The rolls allow you to custom cut sealing pouches to the size you want and using the 'seal only' button on the Fresherpack Vacuum sealer will even allow you to to make smaller bags from the other sizes of sealer bag as well as the rolls if you wish. Remember to save on postage by adding a supply of bags or rolls when you order your Fresherpack by selecting the product options below. You can adjust the quantities in your basket.

      Tech Specs

      Colour: Off White
      Weight Unboxed (Kg): 2.5
      Power (Watts): 70
      Warranty: 2 years


      Eiffel Fresherpack Pro L/N Vacuum Sealer

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