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GEFU Sprouting Jar

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2 reviews for GEFU Sprouting Jar

    Brill jars. Easy to use ,easy to clean. Modern design turns these sprouting jars into a tiny sophisticated gardens:). I bought three jars with variety of organic seeds.I have these for around a year now and still are like brand new.No rust on steel .Great buy!

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    Nikita, Ireland (verified owner)

  2. Very pleased
    Bought one of these and one of the £10 cheaper GEO sprout jars a few weeks ago.

    This unit feels very neat and compact probably because of the untypical vertical orientation and because the stand and jar form a tidy single unit after soaking. I have been very pleased with it so far. It is expensive for a sprouting jar but it feels like it will be durable.

    The only thing I have had to watch for with this design is not overfilling with too many seeds/making sure to drain such that the seeds stay over to one side in order to ensure that I don’t entirely cover the mesh with seeds, stopping ventilation in the process.

    I can definitely recommend this and will probably buy myself another once they are back in stock.

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    yogini, UK (verified owner)

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