IR D5 Infrared Food Dehydrator By CI IR D5 Infrared Food Dehydrator By CI IR D5 Infrared Food Dehydrator By CI IR D5 Infrared Food Dehydrator By CI IR D5 Infrared Food Dehydrator By CI IR D5 Infrared Food Dehydrator By CI IR D5 Infrared Food Dehydrator By CI

IR D5 Infrared Food Dehydrator By CI

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Product Reviews

6 reviews for IR D5 Infrared Food Dehydrator By CI

  1. Brilliant!!
    Wow, I saved up for ages to get this and i am so glad I did. I have friends with Excaliburs and I must say, they are a bit envious of this beauty now.

    I wanted BPA fee and also to avoid plastic trays and having to use parallax sheets. this ticks all those boxes. but far in a way the best features are the infra red option and automatic mode. so just pop your trays in and use automatic mode and it switches itself off when its done.

    I tend to find that i need to turn stuff over and then put it back on auto if i want really crunch crackers, but having never used a dehydrator before, it takes all the guess work out.

    I’ve used baking paper, coated with a bit of coconut oil, in it if I’m making wraps, but I’m use you could go without. I’m just trying to avoid washing the trays.

    I had a few disaster when I first got it and made some truly awful crackers, but I’ve persisted and right now I’m doing raw carrot cake, yummy!!!

    Also thanks to UK Juicers, who I have shopped with since 2014. what a great company, their customer service is amazing.

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    HappyVeggieHead, London (verified owner)

  2. IRD5
    have received this dehydrator a few days ago absolutely delighted both with the design and the quality.

    Thanks for excellent service UK>Juicers


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    neil w, Notts (verified owner)

  3. Excellent
    Took a week or two to get used to timings but couldn’t do without it for drying veg from allotment. Apple rings and pear slices excellent. As is yoghourt made with organic UHT milk and powdered starter.

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    Mary, (verified owner)

  4. Unessesary for Raw Foodists – but great otherwise!
    Item is built well and looks great. But the solar function is really for high temperatures.

    If you want to do raw foods dehydration, this isn’t what you’re looking for. I bought one, and it’s okay. but the trays are non standard size.

    If you’re not doing raw food, this thing is super cool.

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    Carl, (verified owner)

  5. Innovative and perfect.
    I had been considering buying a dehydrator for years and I’ve finally been convinced by this one built with good materials and two great features, the innovative near infrared heating and the auto mode. Regarding the price: you get what you pay for. This device helps me to always have a preserved amount of vegetables and fruits in these times of epidemic to minimise the times I do shopping or simply because it’s difficult to find a delivery slot when I need it, and on the long run taking advantage of quantity bargains and hopefully stop having to throw items in the rubbish if for some reason I can’t eat them before they go off.

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    Francesco, London (verified owner)

  6. So good !!!

    We’ve been using the IRD5 for 2 years now and there is nothing negative to say about it. Thanks to its simplicity of operation, we have experimented and expanded our range of dehydrated food that our family enjoys.

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    Emilio Viúdez Ruido (verified owner)

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