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Kuvings EVO820 Evolution Cold Press Juicer White

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1 review for Kuvings EVO820 Evolution Cold Press Juicer White

  1. Kuvings EVO820
    We have had the Kuvings EVO820 now for 2 months and have been juicing three times daily and can’t fault it. It takes all fruit and vegetables with ease and it always amazes me how much juice we get and how dry the pulp is. It is also very easy to clean, even though we use it three times a day and just clean it at the end of the day, although we do run it with water after each batch which helps. We find vegetables like celery and ginger best to chop up smaller or the outlet tends to clog slightly. The wide feeding tube also makes juicing easier as it takes medium apples and the like whole. We previously had a centrifugal juicer for years and would never go back. It is expensive but worth every penny as it is very well made and works like a dream.

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    Peter, Lewes (verified owner)

  2. Superb
    I have used this juicer daily for the past 2 months and it has proved to be an extremely wise investment. Having never juiced before I decided to purchase the best that I could afford as I intend to use it for many years . It is easy to use and to clean which was important to me . Also it is very attractive when situated on the kitchen work tops. The yield of juice is excellent. It is quiet whilst running and just provides me with lots of sound nutrients.I would recommend to anyone as the quality of the product seems awesome .

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    Steve, (verified owner)

  3. excellent juicer
    I love my new juicer. it does everything I need. juicing all sorts of fresh produce is life changing for me and my family. its bit pricey and I wished it included all the screens and citrus juicer as well as 2 nicer jugs, preferably one jug being a glass jug to take to table or put in fridge. But overall a 10/10 product that will last me many years. thank you Uk juicers.

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    32 years old, london (verified owner)

  4. The Best Juicer
    This is the best Juicer, i have had a juicer before and I spent hours researching the best juicer given the various different juicers, but this by far is the best, easy to set up, use & clean.

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    Yasar, Rochdale (verified owner)

  5. Going from Omega to Kuvings
    I juice daily since 2012. For the last 4 years, I was using the Omega vertical and it was such a pain in the neck. Each day the juicer made me really upset. The Omega vertical is so badly designed with a super narrow path for the fibers to go out… Even chopping everything in small pieces, it was systematically stucked, not able to deal with celery, ginger, pineapple core, etc.
    I had to open it 2 times at least while juicing to pull the fibers out the hole and it was really energy-and-time-consuming… I coudn’t stand this machine anymore.
    I wanted to buy the Kuvings since two years now and I am so happy I did. The difference is just amazing, instead of all the difficulties and the irritation the Omega caused me, it’s now pure simplicity, efficiency, pleasure and easiness. Unbelievable!

    The passage for the fibers is NOT NARROW, it’s large enough to juice everything without any problem. The juicer is super well designed and functionnal, it’s elegant, the pieces are solid, no stupid rubber piece under the drum to pull out to clean. And it’s easy to clean. Can’t recommend it enough.

    And of course, UK Juicers is always the best of the best !!! Many thanks for your great work and ultra pro service!

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    Kay, Lisbon (verified owner)

  6. Fantastic
    Oh how I love this juicer. Had a different one for several years but got so cross with the labour intensity, general bad design and awkwardness of it I gave it away. This one is bliss to use, The pulp comes out dry. Easy to clean. Quiet and does the job with ease. Trying to work out whether I can afford another for my daughter’s Xmas present.

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    Bev P, Northampton (verified owner)

  7. I’m not going to waffle on. This machine is superb. Its so powerful and quiet, and the final juice it creates is unmatched even in a shop or freshly purchased in an expensive carton. Its superb and worth every penny. Its also transformed my life and i’m looking great, feeling great.

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