Omega MMV702 Mega Mouth Slow Juicer In Red Omega MMV702 Mega Mouth Slow Juicer In Red Omega MMV702 Mega Mouth Slow Juicer In Red Omega MMV702 Mega Mouth Slow Juicer In Red Omega MMV702 Mega Mouth Slow Juicer In Red Omega MMV702 Mega Mouth Slow Juicer In Red

Omega MMV702 Mega Mouth Slow Juicer In Red


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1 review for Omega MMV702 Mega Mouth Slow Juicer In Red

  1. Buy it with confidence!
    I bought this juicer as a replacement for a fast centrifugal juicer. I am delighted with this machine, and would never go back to a fast juicer. This slow juicer is far better than a fast juicer in many ways. This machine is very quiet, and the pulp output is almost dry, indicating that almost all the available juice is squeezed out into the (supplied) juice jug. It is also very fast to dismantle and clean; I can cut up, juice, clean the machine and reassemble it in twenty minutes – including drinking the juice! I would advise any purchaser to get a plastic or wooden chopstick to help with cleaning; the pulp output needs the last bits to be dislodged as the pulp is so dry and compact. RTM before use! The machine has red dots on the parts to help alignment, and the machine won’t go together if it is not assembled properly, but once you have assembled it with the manual beside you, you won’t need to refer to it again. Cleaning is fast and easy; clean the machine immediately after use, use a thin stream of water from the cold tap and everything washes clean, only the mesh strainer needs a quick scrub with a nailbrush. Avoid trying to juice anything more oily than an avocado, and although the mouth of the feed tube is wide, I find that the machine works much better if carrots and other tougher veg are cut up into 5cm chunks before feeding. If the machine stalls on the odd occasion, stop immediately and reverse it to clear. Very powerful screw worm, keep your fingers clear and don’t allow any metal object to drop into the feed tube. You may not need to use the plastic feeder tube. SUPERB BUY, worth every penny. I was delighted with it.

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    Colin Nisbet, Wirral UK (verified owner)

  2. worth every penny!
    As a new convert to juicing, decided to invest in a juicer that would be easy to use and last over time. With a 15 year warranty this Omega model seemed to fit the bill. And it has delivered. This machine does exactly what it says on the label. It is quiet, fast and efficient , delivering maximum juice and dry waste (very good for the compost!). It is easy to use, although I do cut harder vegetables into smaller pieces. The machine is also very easy to clean. The entire process takes very little time. I am totally in love with this machine and would highly recommend it.

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    Van, (verified owner)

  3. Omega Juicer
    I would recommend UK Juicers for their superb and consistent customer service.
    I have been very happy with my experience of 2 Juicers over the years, the old one which I donated to a friend.
    This is a excellent slow Juicer and easy to use.

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    Sharon, London (verified owner)

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