Omega VSJ843R Slow Juicer in Red Omega VSJ843R Slow Juicer in Red Omega VSJ843R Slow Juicer in Red Omega VSJ843R Slow Juicer in Red Omega VSJ843R Slow Juicer in Red
Omega VERT VSJ843RR Slow Juicer in Red

Omega VSJ843R Slow Juicer in Red

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Product Reviews

16 reviews for Omega VSJ843R Slow Juicer in Red

    I was originally looking at a Kuvings B6000 and called sales to ask a few questions. Was advised to consider the VSJ and now glad I made that phone call!

    After viewing the video review and various write up’s through google I decided on the VSJ as it seemed the perfect all-rounder.

    Firstly the service from UK Juicers was first class. When the delivery confirmation came through and I saw that they use DPD I knew the delivery would be super quick!

    VSJ Pros:
    Extremely quiet
    Zero pulp.. and I mean ZERO!
    Very easy to clean.

    VSJ Cons:
    None what so ever!

    Due to the new auger, spinning brush and juice bowl design, the VSJ is very quick and easy to disassemble, and even easier to clean.

    The juice is absolutely amazing, with great yield due to the new design features.

    The final nail for me was the 15 year ‘all in’ warranty, as most juicers have an average of 10 years, on the motor only!

    Plus Omega are a tried and tested brand.

    If you are looking to invest in a juicer thats built to last and don’t mind paying for the quality, then look no further as this really is the best in class.

    Happy Juicing 🙂

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    JasF, South Wales (verified owner)

  2. Satisfied customer
    This is quite simply and excellent product, which is backed up by a company that stands by their guarantee.
    I have had almost daily use from my juicer with virtually no problems at all. On the rare occasion there has been a problem, UK juicers have sent a replacement part the very next day without any quibble or question.

    Well worth the money in my opinion

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    Omega Vert 350 owner, UK (verified owner)

  3. A beautiful Juicer!
    Bought this after throwing my very old centrifugal juicer in the bin in frustration! I spent a lot of time researching and debating which model to go for. This is not the cheapest but Im very confident that it’s the best! I have been road testing it for over a week now and have tried soft fruits as well as hard fruits and veg and it copes with it all admirably – even tougher stuff like celery! You do have to chop your fruit and veg up quite small but then you get the most amazing superior juice, and it’s totally pulp free. On top of all that, it’s extremely quiet and super-duper easy to clean which is a real bonus. If you watch the video then you will see that this machine almost cleans itself. I’ve tried it and it does! Very easy to operate – my kids have been enjoying making their own juices. I know it sounds corny, but you get what you pay for. If you can stretch to this then you won’t regret it – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. And of course you also get fabulous customer service from UK Juicers.

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    Katie, Yorkshire (verified owner)

  4. Incredible, fantastic, beautiful!
    absobloodylutely awesome !!! The best juicer ever !

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    Valdas, Oxford (verified owner)

  5. The BEST Juicer
    I watched all the YouTube videos on this juicer and looked at all the comparisons between the various juicers. I cannot believe how amazing this juicer is. If you prepare all the fruit and veg and turn the Omega on, you can place the pieces into the hopper and it will just do the job by itself as long as you cut up the fruit and veg as you go and place it in the hopper at a reasonable pace. The juice is really lovely, even my son loves the taste. It is quite easy to clean and I would recommend the investment, it is worth the price. UK Juicers were great, next day delivery and excellent service from their knowledgeable staff.

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    Julie, Ashford (verified owner)

  6. Brilliant juicer!
    I’ve owned 3 other juicers but this was my first vertical upright. I brought it because it’s meant to have the highest juice yeild in its class. It’s expensive but I’ve been saving about £15 a week on fruit and veg compared to my last centerfugal juicer. It literally pays for itself and £15 a week over 15 year period (length of warranty!) I would have saved £11,700 by then! Very nice sturdy build quality, easy to clean and fast too! Only downside is that I’ve been told it’s not dishwasher safe however this isn’t really a problem as it takes less then 5 mins to clean anyway. If you can afford this and can see yourself juicing long-term I think this is definitely worth the initial investment as you’re covered for the next 15 years. Its also worth mentioning that it comes with two juicing screens so if you like your orange juice dead smooth or with bits in the option is there! 🙂 Very happy.

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    James, Hertfordshire (verified owner)

  7. Awesome!!
    Fantastic juicer!! Easy to use, easy to clean.
    Love it..just brilliant would recommend it to anyone and everyone.
    Also Excellent packaging and Fast delivery:)

    Thank You!

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    Jack, Burgas (verified owner)

  8. Omega VSJ 843 RR
    Well what can I say. Ordered on Monday received Thursday in Greece. Excellent product excellent service. Thank you so much….

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    Anna, Gargalianoi, Messinias (verified owner)

  9. Brilliant
    My first time using a juicer. Delivered the next day. Turned up with 2 little dents in but uk juicers soon solved this. Very happy with my purchase. Easy to clean. Would recommend.

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    J, Walton on the Naze (verified owner)

  10. Amazing Juicer… But…
    This is an amazing juicer. The quality is 5 star and it works really well. Good yield and minimal pulp. HOWEVER, if you are a beginner juicer (like me) you are probably better off with a centrifuge. The amount of time it takes to cope everything up and then very slowly juice out is enormous. If you don’t want the outlet to get blocked you have to chop up everything really tiny, also the input chute is quite narrow and if you try to put a whole carrot in (its going to stop the motor). Cleaning it is not too bad… have been using it for close to 2 months now. Like I said the yield is amazing… but it takes FOREVER.

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    Darius, London (verified owner)

  11. Amazing Juicer
    I have not owned a masticating juicer, but had a centrifugal for a long time and was not seeing the day light due to the messy process and cleaning.

    Then I was nearly going to buy a Nutri Bullet, when I read that slow juicers are better for the nutritional value and less oxidation.
    I called up UK juicers and was ready to buy a Kuvings, but was told that the Omega VSJ843 will give a clearer juice, less pulpy.

    I used it for the first time with kale, celery, apple, lemon, parsley and coriander. It was simply amazing! The colour was pure green and the taste was delicious.
    Love it and will use for good now.

    Best investment in the kitchen.

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    Sush, Billingshurst (verified owner)

  12. Amazing in every way!
    We came to UK Juicers after an unsatisfactory experience with a BioChef, which, although initially impressive (bearing in mind we have never owned a juicer of any kind before), soon disappointed us with its considerable overheating, water stuck in the pusher, pulpy juice and difficulty cleaning the screen properly.

    Joe was really knowledgeable and helped me to narrow down the possible options (although it’s probably no surprise they advocate such a pricey one! ;)) and provided lots of info about their after-sales care, which made me feel much more confident about buying from a retailer we had no prior knowledge of – as well as reading all the great reviews about their customer service!

    It took us a while to decide to purchase the Omega, mainly due to its high cost and esp after having to return not one but two BioChefs, but I’m so glad we did!

    It has only been a week but it hasn’t jammed at all, yields a great volume of juice (although this was one area we were happy with from the BioChef), and just looks and feels such high quality. Assembly is a total doddle. Little extras like the plug to stop the juice dripping and the ml markers on the jug are brilliant. Black plastic means no more visible staining and it looks nice enough on the counter.

    No problems with celery, kale or spinach – although the juice did end up warm after making a mixed green juice, but I am willing to put it down to me overloading it for now! Orange juice comes out beautifully smooth; it tastes like liquid sorbet! Not sure how much of this is down to our veg supplier or the juicer!! All juices are wonderfully palatable and pulp-free – this is one of the Omega’s best features for us, as we no longer have to spend time, kitchen space and utensils sieving juice before drinking. The second major plus is its ease of cleaning. Even after mixed greens, just filling it with water a couple of times with the motor on and plug in place leaves it all but spotless; all you have to do is wipe and rinse the fibrous waste off and all the parts are as good as new. No scrubbing or washing up liquid required. Seriously! The brilliance of the lack of pulp and need to clean cannot be overestimated; they take the chore out of juicing and make you so much more likely to juice.

    The only downside to the Omega is the very high cost. Given our experience with a cheaper model, though, we are satisfied that – providing any issues that may arise under the extensive 15-year warranty are easily resolved – this is a worthy investment for a high-quality and easy to use product that will make our efforts to eat and live healthily practically effortless on this front!

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    NM, London (verified owner)

  13. Omega J843
    Excellent product beautiful juicer so neat and easy to clean well worth every penny UK Juicers are an excellent company and lastly the guarantee far passes any other brand/product would highly recommend to deal with UK Juicers

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    Davina, Blackpool (verified owner)

    Since it arrived, we use it daily, it is the best thing me and my partner could ever get….. it works so well and cleans really quickly as well…..
    I have to say that i just love it….. and after searching for many hours, even if it is more expensive, it is a fantastic choice!

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    KATALIN, Stevenage (verified owner)

  15. Simply the best!!
    I rang UK Juicers about another slow juicer and they talked me through all my questions. Then I asked which was the juicer they would buy for themselves and the person helping me said this juicer and why. I ordered it there and then and LOVE IT!! Best kitchen purchase ever. If you’re thinking of buying one – don’t hesitate – do it!!

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    Paula, Yelverton (verified owner)

  16. I LOVE this machine
    I have had this machine for some time now. Previously had a champion which is another great machine and I have found it a loving new home, But I wanted the vertical slow juicing technology and having seen a demo I also liked the fact it is smaller and quieter than the champion. The Omega hasn’t disappointed. I use it most days and it has never clogged. It is so easy to clean because of the auto clean system and I love its compact design. It also makes wonderful nut milk. Worth every penny…

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    Lorna, Surrey (verified owner)

  17. Omega is the best I ever had!
    Hello everyone, I can’t wait to share with you my first impressions.
    Here for everyone who is looking for best juicer in today’s market. I juice for years on centrifugal juicer and it was time to replace it, so I’ve done my research on internet for best juicer. I fell in love with this one for it latest technology and excellent reviews.
    To my surprise, I placed my order on Wednesday and recieved it on Friday.
    I drink juice every morning and today I couldn’t wait for my new baby to arrive.
    My first impression: It looks even better than on the picture, stands beautifully on my worktop. The base is smaller than I expected, it is slim and tall.
    My first juice was so tasty that I couldn’t believe the difference with centrifugal juicer. I felt over the moon, and at the same time sad, because I realised that I was cheating myself for years. I thought I had healthy diet with vitamins and minerals from daily juices, but now I understand benefits of masticating juicer.
    So, if you really care for your health, and about to buy a juicer, then please, give yourself the best gift in your life – Omega vsj843!
    Special thanks to Cynthia from customer services, for her kindness and sweet nature!
    God bless you all. Love and Light!

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    Tina, (verified owner)

  18. Disappointed
    I was really looking forward to receiving my VSJ but it performs far below my expectations.
    1) The juice, particularly from leafy greens, comes out very foamy. If you are into spinach, kale, etc. then go for a horizontal one.
    2) There really is quite a lot pulp no matter what you are juicing. Expect to need a sieve on hand.
    3) The little grey plug for the pulp shoot is already fraying after 10 days use. Just poor build quality.
    4) The grey grommet that slots the auger into the machine keeps slipping out during juicing. This results in juice leaking out from the bottom. I have tried putting it in the other way around and it doesn’t make any difference. The grommet already has a slight tear in it after just 10 days.
    5) There is always a ton of wet pulp stuck beneath the auger for some reason. I cannot figure out why.
    6) This is appalling at juicing wheatgrass!! You have to kind of squeeze it into a ball so the auger can get traction. Otherwise is just gets tangled up.

    All in all it juices pretty well but it is far from perfect. I bought an ex demo so saved a few pounds. Ultimately however, I would not recommend this juicer. Also, I have not been jamming produce in. I cut it all up fine and slowly feed it all in.

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    Phin, (verified owner)

  19. OMEGA VSJ843 JUICER IN SILVER – great product OMEGA VSJ843 SLOW JUICER IN SILVER – great product
    I’m very happy with my juicer, thank you. Excellent service from UK Juicers.
    One thing…the snappy cleaning system is just for swilling out if you’re using it more than once a day…it really does need a thorough clean at the end of your day’s sessions…not an onerous task but somehow I was under the impression that filling it under a tap and turning it on was going to magically clean it out…ermmm, not quite 😉 Being upright the machine’s footprint is small…so much better for cluttered work surfaces. It’s a quiet machine. It doesn’t really like stringy veg…but juices them well (just the stringy bits can clog the pulp exit…so make sure you cut he celery, for example, into 1″ lengths). I’m happy to recommend this to anyone. It would be so good if they’d do accessories for nut butters, sorbets etc but I understand that Omega isn’t considering those…? I wonder why not. Seems a shame.

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    HellsBells, (verified owner)

  20. Five months in, my thoughts
    Purchased mid April 2015: Views after 5 months use.

    Five months in, my thoughts


    UK Juicers 10 out of 10 – recommended already
    Juicer – build 9 out of 10 – minus one point for pressure flap
    Juice quality 10 of 10 – unsurpassed (subjective but it’s my mouth)
    Cleaning 10 out of 10 – easy… really easy
    Warranty 15yrs 10 out of 10
    Price 10 out of 10 you get what you pay for
    Design 10 out of 10 curved model, small footprint

    I purchased the juicer on the phone and found the experience easy and pleasant, UK Juicers seem to have their customer service and sales system sorted.

    The packaging was well designed supporting and protecting the juicer during shipping perfectly. It was very much the ‘Apple’ experience during unboxing.

    After reading the instructions that seemed clear and easy to follow I assembled the appliance and chopped up my first batch of vegetables. I had been watching many of John Kohler’s YouTube channel videos and visiting his website, so had a good idea how to prepare product before putting it through this type of machine.

    I was excited and apprehensive both in equal measure, this was all so new but once the first juice began dripping from the spout I was fascinated. The machine was quiet, not silent but the sounds are pleasant to my ear, this is subjective: you hear the motor slightly but most noise is from the product being cut crunched and squeezed against the stainless screen, it sounds like chewing to me, quite a lot of fun.

    Different product makes different noises, carrots and hard green apples crunch and squish where leafy greens squeak, crunch and squish through the machine, you learn to recognize what is happening during juicing and this feedback helps me regulate the volume of product I drop in and when to alternate between hard and soft.

    I live alone so generally I aim to make about 250-300mls of juice for breakfast and maybe another in the evening, this can be three carrots a hard green apple and a handful of spinach leaves or some greens. Including preparation this takes about 10minutes including washing up.

    I use only cold water to clean the parts unless I make nut milks then it will require warm water and detergent to remove the oils from the nuts and will take longer to wash up. I don’t own a dishwashing machine (so no comment). Generally my timed wash-up of the juicer is between 3-4 minutes.

    I find the unit assembles easily the only part requiring any force is locating the auger’s cutting wings into the wiper mechanism, you have to turn the auger thus turning the gears in the unit and requires a little force to get it to start moving, but it’s not hard really. It feels like I’m spinning up a stationary flywheel. Every other part just goes together easily, I have slight arthritis in my wrists so I just take it carefully.

    There is a rubber flap in the base that produces ‘back pressure’ and removes juice from the fibre before venting; this flap is a little fiddly to pull out from its slot and re-insert, it needs to be firmly locked into position or the juice may dribble out under the bowl onto the drive unit, but this is fully sealed so is of no real consequence, I’ve forgotten a couple of times and you do notice quickly as the juice is not produced in the expected amounts.

    This rubber valve flap seems to be the only weak part of this juicer and started to split not long after use, the pulling out after each juicing operation is hard on it as it is quite small. However the VSJ 843 is covered by a 15-year warranty, I simply called UK Juicers and soon received a complete new bowl unit including the mounted rubber valve (no questions asked) this included a spare fine screen, incredible really, very impressed by UK Juicers’ customer service, very ‘old School’. I received a valve separately, so I have a spare, very happy. I have now learned to pull the valve out by its back and not the moulded tab so don’t think this will be a future issue (this will mean little unless you own a VSJ 843) ?

    The quality of the juice is first class, I like a course juice with plenty of fibre and use the screen with bigger holes, the screen looks ‘industrial’ and is very tough as is the auger, this is heavy and looks solid and the bowl is cleverly designed to my eye and uses stainless screws and quality polymers. It all feels high end, which is what I wanted, yes this juicer is expensive, but my future health is more important than saving some cash.

    My product is always chilled from my fridge and comes out of the machine still cold, this juicer does not heat up the product much as it is put through. There must be some friction-generated heat but I’ve not noticed it. The juice has a slight ‘crema’ on the top but the juice is not frothy as in a centrifugal juicer.

    I have made tomato juice and it is rich red and delicious there really seems no oxidation, but I don’t have any way of knowing really, this I get from reading about these types of machines. There is no discoloration anyway, the juices are bright in colour and smell fresh. I drink them immediately after making following John Kohler’s recommendation.

    Very soft fruits such as strawberries and other berries are not ideal for this type of machine, but I do add some as a flavouring sometimes, but they are best left for the liquidizer. Bananas will end badly AVOID!

    Any types of hard vegetables leafy greens, hard fruits and nuts have gone through perfectly. Closing the juice spout door and using the machine to grind and mix pre-soaked nuts with some water can make nut milks, blanched soaked almonds being my favourite.

    The Omega VSJ 843 juicer has made breakfast and evening meals so much more, and the quality of the build is encouraging I hope for years of trouble free use.
    UK Juicers are admirable in their customer service and I thank them.

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    Martin Rabson, London UK, London UK (verified owner)

  21. 5 Month Review Omega VSJ843
    I’m reviewing after purchasing the Omega VSJ843 in April 2015.

    My previous machine was a second hand VonShef centrifugal juicer, which was fast, easy to clean producing good yield, low froth juice in comparison to similar style machines.

    The negative was that it wasn’t loving firmer green leaves such as kale. I did however extract juice.

    I did lots of research and plumped for this juicer on the promise of improved juice yield retaining more nutrients.

    Speedy delivery from UK juicers and very well packed.

    The machine colour is more of a grey than shiny silver. Assembly was straightforward, I did reference John Kohler on You Tube. There are a few more parts than my centrifugal machine.

    Preparation of fruit and vegetables – need to chop, it won’t do whole fruit for example a whole apple.

    It definitely coped with green leaves but however the resulting juice was more pulpy. This was due to the dimension of the holes on the sieve, which was finer on the Von Shef.

    The juice yield was the similar to previous so was the texture of pulp, with the exception of carrots which were slightly drier.

    The self cleaning is ok, but I still take it apart and clean. I believed the machine was deteriorating around the central holding nut.

    UK Juicers kindly sent me a photo of the office juicer and explained it was a protective film.

    A robust machine which does a a wide array of fruits and vegetables and berries. It does take longer to produce end to end juice. There is still froth and more pulp which I sieve out.

    Took me time but I really do like to the VSJ843. The 15 year warranty is great back up and the service from UK Juicers is first class.

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    Luxlife, (verified owner)

  22. Great juicer
    I bought 2 of these juicers, one i gave to my mum, she was begging me to get her one after trying it out so everyone is happy.
    We use it daily, sometime even three times, we mix fruit and veggies and we like it very much, easy to wash and to use! recommend it to all!

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    Katalin, (verified owner)

  23. Underwhelmed
    I thought I’d done thorough research when choosing this – and maybe the perfect juicer has yet to be designed – but I’m not as happy with this juicer as other reviewers. Apart from all the chopping needed, it just can’t handle beetroot – even in ½ inch pieces. I’ve been using it 3 or 4 times a week since July and I don’t think I’ve managed a single straightforward juicing session! Not only does it stop juicing when I try to put beetroot through it, but when I use the reverse button to free it up, the whole top section swivels off and is hard to put back on as the auger gets so congested. Sometimes I can just pull stuff free but other times the only solution is to remove and wash the auger and I really don’t have the time for that. I visited a friend recently who was using a £50 Moulinex juicer. I felt quite envious as it ripped through everything she put through it without any problem, including a load of beetroot.

    UK Juicers Says: We arranged to collect the customer’s juicer to perform a juice test using 1Kg carrots, 5 (small) beetroot and 3 apples. We juiced the beetroot first, alternating with carrot and apple and the juicer didn’t stop. We then proceeded to finish the juice test and did manage to make the juicer stop once by purposely feeding carrots as fast as possible. A quick use of the reverse button cleared the blockage and it was then possible to carry on juicing again without having to dismantle the juicer. This is to be expected when using a vertical juicer and it’s always helpful to let the machine work at it its own pace. In fact, you rarely need to use the pusher as vertical juicers are virtually self-feeding. We did notice that the customer’s pusher had a lot of score marks on it which perhaps suggests the cause of the issue was that the juicer was being fed too quickly. The juicing time of the above process (excluding preparation and clean up) took 9 minutes.

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    Seagirl, Bristol (verified owner)

  24. Great!
    I have been using the Omega VSJ843 for more than two months and I am more than satisfied with my choice. I had debated between a few models including a horizontal slow juicer. I would have liked accessories for nut butters as included with other juicers but I am so pleased I settled on this one which is great to use, looks very smart (not cheap plastic like many on the market) and fits neatly on the kitchen worktop; expensive but worth the money. I have used the juicer nearly every day and most days multiple times. I have been pleasantly surprised at how quick it juices for a slow juicer – self feeds so can prep whilst juicing – and how much more efficient and cleaner it is to use than my old centrifugal juicer. Works well with variety of veg, fruit and berries and so easy to make almond milk/pulp – no more messing with a nut bag. A thank you to Joe and colleagues for their friendly and helpful service; I would happily recommend UK Juicers and the Omega VSJ843.

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    AndiG, York (verified owner)

    My son purchased one of these juicers recently and gave me a demonstration as to what it could do. We made juice…..We drank it……We both agreed that this was a clever piece of kit. On returning home I ordered one immediately from UK Juicers, the company where my son bought his…..I am now making juice on a daily basis and certainly feeling the benefit. I would give this juicer my seal of approval. It is very well engineered and the materials used in it’s construction are high quality. American ingenuity and Korean built…..and a 15 year GUARANTEE!…..It’s a real no brainer…..Happy days 🙂

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    John, Manchester (verified owner)

  26. Good but not amazing!
    I bought this machine last year for my sister and to be honest I was not as impressed as I thought I would be. First of all whenever you put a slightly harder veggie it, something it should be able to deal with easy it rates around like its in distress. Another thing is the stupid design of the silicone ring that sits under the rotating bit, it comes off regularly causing juice to run down the sides. I wouldn’t advice anyone to purchase this juicer. I would stick to the one I also purchased from here that was loads cheaper. The Matsone burgundy slow juicer. Now that is a juicer with some power

    UK Juicers Says: Thanks for your review, Jose. We do find that juicing parts of all slow juicers, whether vertically or horizontally orientated can move around a little when fed with harder produce and the VSJ is no different to other machines in this respect. The bowl seal that you’ve described should not come off unless you purposely remove it and we’ll contact you separately to send a new bowl. In our own experience the VSJ843R outperforms the Matstone both in juice yield and time taken to produce the juice.

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    Dani, Spain (verified owner)

  27. Satisfied
    The best of the best! I enjoying it every single day!

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    Zsolt, Peterborough (verified owner)

  28. Best Juicer ever
    I love this juicer. Did lots of investigating and decided on this one. Definitely best choice, and if you juice regularly then worth the money if your budget will stretch this far. If you want to juice things like kale and spinach then this is the juicer for you.
    I used to own the magimix but this is far better.

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    Niki, London (verified owner)

  29. Brilliant
    This is the first juicer I have ever owned so I have nothing to compare it to. I bought it as part of a new healthy regime and I spent hours reading up about all types of juicers before taking the plunge. Another thing that influenced me was the mostly positive reviews for this juicer. I decided I would keep and use the juicer for at least a month before writing a review and have been using it daily for the last four weeks.

    Well what can I say other than this machine is brilliant. It juices everything I have thrown at it and yes it does occasionally block but it is easy to rectify by taking the hopper off and clearing it which takes seconds.

    I have found that if juicing very soft fruits you are better to do these first and then put through harder fruits or vegetables afterwards as this ensures that all the pulp passes through the machine properly.

    Cleaning the machine is a doddle and I actually timed myself the other day. I was able to dismantle the machine and clean all the parts thoroughly (including the jugs) and reassemble the machine in under 5 minutes. I also recommend that the machine is cleaned within an hour of juicing because if you leave it until the following day (which I did once) it makes it much harder to clean. I have found that warm running water cleans the machine parts effectively with the only the mesh screen needing more careful attention as pulp can get clogged in the tiny holes.

    I am very pleased with build quality and customer service. My machine was delivered with a broken juice stopper and although the machine works perfectly well without it, I was sent one the following day once without any quibbles after I called customer services.

    Unlike other machines people often buy on a whim and then never use, I guarantee once you get used to this juicer it will become part of your daily life.

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    morteeman, London (verified owner)

  30. Omega VSJ843
    This is a wonderful juicer, It juicers easily and it is easy to clean. I borrowed a Kuving juicer first and that was good but the Omega is better and fits under the kitchen cupboard on the counter and the jugs stack together, it is easier to clean than the Kuving as well. All in all I am very pleased with it.

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    Janfran, Buckinghamshire (verified owner)

  31. I have juiced for over 30 years
    I have finally given away my old trusty green life juicer. It served family, then two and lately one. I decided that I needed a modern masticating juicer that had a smaller footprint and is easy to clean. Naturally, I dithered, which one to choose? I only need a juicer that effectively extracts juice from vegetables and I don`t need one that gobbles up whole fruits or big portions, there is only me now. This choice has been spot on and I have made juices with celery, fennel, mint, lettuce, carrots, celeriac, cucumber, purple sprouting stalks, kale. I just chop small enough and it is satisfying to see the pieces are dealt with immediately. I also love the initial cleaning with warm water and the general ease of cleaning. This has been a good choice for me

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    maria, (verified owner)

  32. Good, but has serious issues !
    This is our second masticating juicer, having previously owned a Hurom HF SBG 11 which shares many component parts with the Omega VSJ 843.
    Both are very capable juicers when new, but both developed identical problems after about 6 months of daily use.
    The issue is that the chute / lid assembly connecting lugs become worn and the machine stops working. Initially you can rectify this by securing the chute assembly in the opposite position, but after a while the same issue occurs.
    I purchased a replacement assembly for the Hurom and that remedied the problem, but I gave up when the same issue occurred again and bought the Omega thinking ( wrongly ) that it would perform better. Now that has stopped working too.
    I’m going to give up and buy a juicing attachment for my KitchenAid mixer for under 1/2 the price.
    Go ahead and buy this juicer if you want 6 months of trouble free juicing, otherwise save yourself some money & dont.

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    Chris, Norwich (verified owner)

  33. Vast improvement on Centrifugal Juicers
    Took the plunge and bought one about 3 weeks ago, Nice compact machine excellent juice extraction, juiced Kale easily though not too taken with the taste. only regret, wish I had gone for the wider feed version more preparation time required to get veg to a size it can handle comfortably, cleaning reasonable quick, overall happy with my purchase.

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    Stewart45, Skelton-in-Cleveland, UK (verified owner)

  34. Amazing
    Wow this is such an amazing juicer. I was going to settle with a high end Philips juicer but now I am so happy that I spent extra money in buying this. I’ve only had it a few days and I have juiced carrots and fruits and I love the quality and ease of using this. Yes you need to chop things into smallish pieces but it really didn’t bother me as much as i thought it would as the juicer itself is a decent speed. I didn’t really have to push anything down the shoot either, it all took care of itself. Cleaning the juicer is very simple too, doesn’t need any special attention other than making sure that there are no pulp bits stuck on the holes. If like me, you spent weeks on finding a juicer, buy this one. The lovely lady who took my order was ever so helpful and honest in her review of products, glad she helped me come to this choice.
    I was going to get the kurvings however after watching a youtube video, the Omega produces more juice. I wish I had known about this sooner. Extremely happy with my choice.
    Go for it – you will want to juice everything in site, its amazing.

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    Sarita, London (verified owner)

  35. My beautiful little red juicer
    I have had my red Omega VSJ843 juicer for a couple of weeks now and used it most days with greens, veg and fruits etc, and like others here I can find no fault with this super-quiet, easy to use, easy to clean and beautifully elegant looking little machine. To date it has done everything I`ve asked of it in a laid back quiet and unobtrusive manner. It oozes good quality, it is beautiful to look at, it does it`s intended job admirably, is easy to clean, and the icing on the cake for me is that it has a fantastic 15 year parts and motor warranty! Overall I think I have made a wise investment towards my health and fitness and I`m very glad I bought this elegant little machine from S Korea.

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    Dave Spence, Salford, Lancashire (verified owner)

  36. Omega VSJ843
    I have been using the omega vsj843 for a year and will recommend this juicer as it is the best slow vertical auger juicer out there, it gives the most yield out of your produce and make the pulp very dry. I juice everyday if not twice some days for health condition. I have used other juicer but i have come to learn that this is the best. I also will recommend to make your purchase from UK JUICERS becouse they have excellent customer service and have been selling juicer and blenders for a long time. Whenever iI had a problem with my juicer, UK JUICERS were always there to help me and have always resolved any problems with my omega vsj843. As I have said my juicer is very important to my health and I need it available 24/7 for juicing so it helps that i made my purchase from UK JUICERS for peace of mind.

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    Khan, Birmingham (verified owner)

  37. Absolutely love this juicer
    I am so pleased I bought this juicer. I did some research beforehand and this one was pricey but had really good reviews and was rated well on Youtube as well. I have been using it every day (sometimes twice per day) and couldn’t be happier with it. I see it as an investment in my health price-wise and I just wish I had bought it sooner! Every juice I have made since getting it has tasted delicious and it has made it so much easier to get even more fruits and vegetables into my diet. It is also great to be able to make fresh, tasty, drinks like this rather than drinking shop bought juices for when we go to friends houses or have guests round. It only took about 10 minutes to make up a jug of fresh juice with ice, that we took with us to a family dinner, and everyone loved it. The machine is easy to clean and quiet when it is on. I would thoroughly recommend this juicer!

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    Ria, Sussex (verified owner)

  38. Excellent performance
    I started out with a cheaper slow juicer (<£100), purchased from Amazon, just to test the "juicing waters" and see if it was for me. Although more or less adequate, it was noisy, often stopped (produce backed up) and produced a very pulpy juice that required straining. After watching hours (maybe days) of YouTube videos by John Kohler on the art of juicing and reviews of juicers, I decided I needed to upgrade. With a lot of helpful information and advice from the team at UK Juicers, I finally decided that the Omega VSJ843 was the machine that best met my needs. The purchasing and delivery process was first rate and the juicer itself is simply incredible, a world apart from my starter juicer. It's quiet, so I can now juice without disturbing or waking the family, it hasn't stopped on me once (follow the simple rules John Kohler provides in his video on juicing like a pro in any vertical juicer), It produces an incredibly clear and pulp-free juice and has handled everything I have thrown at it. It's also really easy and quick to clean. You can tell each component has been well thought out and designed. The 15 year guarantee on the motor and all parts is just the icing on the cake. It shows how much confidence Omega have in this product. There's a lot of juicers and styles of juicers out there and I'm glad I took the time to do the research. UK Juicers were very patient with all my newbie questions and helped me find the juicer that perfectly suits my needs. I couldn't be happier with my purchase and decision to buy from UK Juicers.

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    Lee, Essex (verified owner)

  39. The best
    I’ve had the juicer for a few weeks now and have to say I’m so glad I decided on purchasing this juicer. It’s very easy to use and the quality of the juicer is amazing, just watch out when using turmeric as it slightly stains the equipment. You simply can not go wrong with this juicer. I highly recommend this and with a 15 year warranty you don’t have to worry about anything.

    Joe from UKjuicers was great, he answered a million of my questions and always offered outstanding customer service. Thank you!!

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    KP, (verified owner)

  40. Happy overall!
    First of all, when you purchases something, especially with a price like that, you wanna find a company that can provide you good customer servicing, which UK juicers did. They respond you very fast, and it doesn’t matter how many times you message them, they will get back to you.

    The juicer itself, I wasn’t very happy that the Omega tag/logo was almost pealed off. I had to push it back there myself. I was very surprised if I’m being honest, I didn’t expect such a known company have cheep glues like this on their machines/juicers, so a big minus for that Omega… But luckily that doesn’t effect the quality of the juice. The juice quality and taste is AMAZING, it is everything it says it is. And I’m happy it has 15 years of warranty, I mean, who does that? Don’t forget to register your juicer at Omegas website. Best purchase I’ve done for my kitchen and health for sure. Thank you UK juicers for all the help!

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    Omega VSJ843R, (verified owner)

  41. Omega VSJ843R
    Great Omega juicer, I have used few different brands before but VSJ843 outperform them all. Quality of juice is excellent very little pulp compare to others easy to clean and small footprint. Thank you ukjuicers for the free bottle and very helpful book by Norman Walker “Raw Vegetable Juices” which highly recommend for everyone trying to improve his health.
    Happy Juicing 😉

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    kmkuk, UK (verified owner)

  42. VSJ843R vertical juicer
    I do celery juicing and have been using (for a year) middle range priced masticating juicer. Than I have decided to invest in more expensive and better one. I did very thorough research based on what is important to myself (good yield and straight forward performance, easy to clean, cold pressed) juicers and decided to buy Omega VSJ843R vertical juicer.

    When I opened the box, I was disappointed to see that the sticker with name tag “Omega” was peeled off my new juicer. I am still disappointed for every morning first I have to press hard to stick it back on juicer.

    Overall, this Juicer is very good. The pulp is almost dry, it gives me good yield of juice and it is really easy to clean, (but… now I have to use strainer while juicing, because some pulp gets in the juice, which wasn’t issue with my old and much cheaper juicer. This is not a big problem, I put a strainer direct underneath the juicer flap while juicing). I particularly love red colour of my new juicer.

    UK Juicers delivered it very quickly. I am very happy with that. Also, I liked that they sent a free book on juicing and free flask. Thank you UKJuicers.

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    Zorana, Bishop’s Stortford (verified owner)

  43. Omega VSJ843 j
    very good machine
    exellent value


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    lexy, sussex (verified owner)

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