Omega VERT VRT400HD Slow Juicer Omega VERT VRT400HD Slow Juicer Omega VERT VRT400HD Slow Juicer Omega VERT VRT400HD Slow Juicer

Omega VERT VRT400HD Slow Juicer


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7 reviews for Omega VERT VRT400HD Slow Juicer

  1. Omega Vert VRT 400
    After having the Huron U400 which died after only 6 weeks. I pushed the boat out and purchased the Omega Vert. It gives superior quality juice whilst retaining the speed. Its not a slow juicer as such just a good one.its well built also

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    STOCKHOLMAN, LONDON (verified owner)

  2. Omega VERT VRT400
    As someone who is new to juicing I wanted to start off right. After many hours of watching YouTube videos and reading reviews I made my mind up that the Omega VERT VRT400 HDS Masticating Juicer was the juicer for me.
    I could go into a lot of detail about how easy it is to use and clean afterwards. I could talk about how quiet it is and how well made it is but I’d really not be telling you anything different or adding anything new that hasn’t already been said by everyone else.
    The reality is that this machine is exactly what everyone says it is, a very professional well-built juicer that does exactly what it is supposed to do and does it very well.
    I have no hesitation in recommending this juicer to anyone as I’m sure it won’t disappoint.
    On the subject of recommendations the same goes for UK Juicers, you can’t go wrong buying from them they are a great company to deal with, unlike the usual experience nowadays.

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    Dougie, Glasgow (verified owner)

  3. Omega Vert VRT Slow Juicer
    I bought this juicer a few weeks ago and am very pleased with it. I wanted to be able to juice green veg which the breville juicer a friend had lent me as a temporary measure doesn’t do (but in fairness it it doesn’t claim to). This is the first proper green juicer I’ve owned so I can’t compare with others, however, I decided to go for one which was easy to clean, didn’t take up too much space and wasn’t too noisy. I’d say I’d achieved all these. In addition, it chomps its way through celery, carrot, spinach, kale, fresh ginger very effectively and the waste matter is pretty dry and now goes on the compost. I haven’t tried it on wheat grass, but it says it does this and let’s face it, celery is very fibrous. I knew if I got one of the bigger beasts I’d get fed up with cleaning and complexity and this baby seems to tick the box of effectiveness with relative ease of use. The person I spoke to at UK Juicers was very helpful and following the conversation I was able to make a decision – which isn’t easy as there is so much choice.

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    Maisie, Beckenham, Kent (verified owner)

  4. Brilliant
    I was wary of buying a juicer, thinking it would be a pain to clean and would put me off juicing. But, not only does this machine efficiently produce froth free juice (it has a sieve). It is quiet, and amazingly easy and quick to clean. It is like a vertical jigsaw. It took me 2 mins to take the working parts apart, rinse them under the tap and put back together. Five mins or so if you take all the smaller bits off. I can’t recommend this machine highly enough. A quality machine.

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    cindy, Wales, UK (verified owner)

  5. Good quality juice, too much pulp
    After years of juicing with a centrafugal juicer i decided that i wanted to try a slow juicer. I received my juicer last week and i’m very pleased with the quality of the juice, but far less happy with the amount of pulp in the juice. I know you can strain it, but that is just an added hassle. I also found out today that you must put your greens (spinach and kale) between other fruits or it just ends up wrapped around the screw type thing that chews the fruit/veg and doesn’t juice. It is pretty easy to clean and pretty quick to juice and the pulp that comes out of the side chute is much drier than i had with my old juicer. The jury is still out for me on this juicer. It costs 4 times as much as my last juicer and i’m not sure if it was a value for money buy as from my research you were supposed to get a much higher yeild of juice from your fruit and veg than from a normal centifrugal juicer, but that doesn’t seem to be case for me, especially as i have to strain it again to get a less pulpy juice.

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    Cherylyn, Aldershot (verified owner)

    I have been using this juicer for slighty over a month now and i must say its one of my best purchase ever. its easy to use, easy to clean and gives me up to the last drop of juice extracted. i couldnt be happier and i could not recommend it enough. Thank you UK Juicers for a great product

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    MEGAN, LEEDS UK (verified owner)

  7. Good
    I bought this juicer for my parents in Spain. The delivery was perfect with no problems at all.
    The juicer is good but I find the juice with a lot of fruit pulp and I am not sure why, I have an older Omega and sieve is the same, The texture of juice is a bit different.
    In general a very good juicer.

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    Elena, Bath (verified owner)

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