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      Omega VSJ843R Slow Juicer in Silver

      In Summary

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      In 2017 The Omega VSJ843 juicer remains at the top of the slow juicer performance league and is unbeatable in terms of the return on your investment in juicing ingredients. bpa free logoThe VSJ part stands for ‘Vertical Slow Juicer’ and this juicer format is now rightly one of the most popular because of the pleasing balance offered between efficiency and ease of use. The juicing performance is outstanding and easily justifies the price tag when you consider how much money the juicing enthusiast will save over time by getting more juice with less waste from every kilo of juicing ingredients. 

      Key Features

      • New lower speed of 43rpm
      • Also available in white or red
      • No loss of time because the auger now takes two 'bites' per revolution instead of one
      • Dual Edge Technology Auger drives the wiper blades without the need for gears
      • The least pulp present in the juice of ALL our slow juicer models!
      • The highest juice yield of ALL our slow juicer models!
      • Twice the crushing force of some competing slow juicers
      • Juice tap for mixing and for fast clean up when filled with water after juicing
      • 15 Year Manufacturers warranty

      UK Juicers Says

      If you are enthusiastic about juicing for health, you probably already know that the greatest health benefit comes from using a masticating juicer and juicing a wide range of ingredients, with green vegetables and leaves being particularly important. Up until a few years ago selecting a juicer that does a good job with green vegetables used to mean making a commitment to spending more time juicing, because many greens capable juicers took a bit longer to use and clean. With the advent of vertical slow juicers like the Omega VSJ843RS, even greens juicing is now quick and efficient.

      Assembly is easier because instead of twisting and locking onto the motor body, the juicing parts on the Omega VSJ843RS now simply push vertically down into place. The new Dual Edge Auger drives the wiper blades without the need for a separate gear in the juice bowl. The elimination of the gear mechanism in the older models makes for simpler clean up and a design that's less vulnerable to wear and damage.

      With this new premium version of the Omega Vert Juicer there are more incremental improvements that make it even easier to live with. There is a juice valve that eliminates drips onto your kitchen counter when you finish juicing. Perhaps the biggest advantage of the juice valve is that at clean up time it allows the juicer to hold cleaning water inside it while being operated which means that the silicone wiper blades can do most of the clean up before you disassemble the juicer. Pulpy juice has historically been an issue that some people comment on with slow juicers. The new Omega VERT VSJ843RS juicer gives less pulp in the juice than any other slow juicer on the market AND the highest juice yield of any model out there. It now takes the highly prized top spot in our slow juicer category. But don't take our word for it - check out our customer reviews!

      UK Juicers is the authorised UK importer and service centre for Omega Juicers

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      Tech Specs

      Model Number: VSJ843RS
      Colour: Silver
      Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 254x178x406
      Motor Power (Watts): 150
      RPM: 43
      Weight Unboxed (Kg): 5.2
      Warranty: 15 Years


      Average Rating:
      • Average Rating: 5 out of 5
      • Omega VSJ843 j

        • 5 out of 5

        very good machine exellent value i

        Reviewed 27 July 2021 by lexy, sussex

      • VSJ843R vertical juicer

        • 4 out of 5

        I do celery juicing and have been using (for a year) middle range priced masticating juicer. Than I have decided to invest in more expensive and better one. I did very thorough research based on what is important to myself (good yield and straight forward performance, easy to clean, cold pressed) juicers and decided to buy Omega VSJ843R vertical juicer. When I opened the box, I was disappointed to see that the sticker with name tag “Omega” was peeled off my new juicer. I am still disappointed for every morning first I have to press hard to stick it back on juicer. Overall, this Juicer is very good. The pulp is almost dry, it gives me good yield of juice and it is really easy to clean, (but... now I have to use strainer while juicing, because some pulp gets in the juice, which wasn’t issue with my old and much cheaper juicer. This is not a big problem, I put a strainer direct underneath the juicer flap while juicing). I particularly love red colour of my new juicer. UK Juicers delivered it very quickly. I am very happy with that. Also, I liked that they sent a free book on juicing and free flask. Thank you UKJuicers.

        Reviewed 20 February 2020 by Zorana, Bishop’s Stortford

      • Omega VSJ843R

        • 5 out of 5

        Great Omega juicer, I have used few different brands before but VSJ843 outperform them all. Quality of juice is excellent very little pulp compare to others easy to clean and small footprint. Thank you ukjuicers for the free bottle and very helpful book by Norman Walker “Raw Vegetable Juices” which highly recommend for everyone trying to improve his health. Happy Juicing ;)

        Reviewed 12 January 2020 by kmkuk, UK

      Omega VSJ843R Slow Juicer in Silver

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