Vitamix VitaPrep 3 Commercial Blender

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5 reviews for Vitamix VitaPrep 3 Commercial Blender

    Vita Mix bought about 5 months ago, I’m very pleased with it. Vita Mix is amazing. UKJUICERS company is the best company, very fast shipping and rapid response in case of questions. Thank you for the perfect service ,

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    Barbara, Redhill (verified owner)

  2. Barbara W Redhill
    about 5 months ago I purchased a Vita-Mix Vita-Prep 3 Commercial Blender is using a 2 times every day. This is awesome!!!! Delivery very fast, the service very friendly, practical and helpful. Thank you very much

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    Barbara, Redhill (verified owner)

  3. Simply the best
    I have been using my Vitamix Vita Prep for 3 years now & cannot be happier. I am a raw foodie and use my Vitamix for everything multiple times on a daily basis. Good quality, excellent blending results and very durable. UK Juicers provides a superior customer service & excellent products. Highly recommended.

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    Amsterdamgirl, Netherlands (verified owner)

  4. Prep
    Done Christmas in a box for my brother and dad. Prep 3 is awesome machine.
    Just had new kitchen and decided to order Vita-Mix T&G2 Blending Station ) Just for myself)

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    Gillian, Ilford (verified owner)

  5. Vitamix Plus!
    We found ourselves placing more and more demands on our 14-year old Vitamix, so it’s been pensioned off to another family member and we’ve upgraded to a Vita-Prep 3.

    It’s a beast! It’ll devour any amount of fibrous raw vegetables, and come back for more. It’s like driving a powerful sports car – fast, responsive, and with impeccable manners.

    I love the simplicity of the Vitamix, which is why we’re loyal to the brand. It does it all!

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    John Norman, London, UK (verified owner)

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