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      Broccoli Sprout Kit (Large)

      In Summary

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      Our large sized Broccoli Sprout Kit comes with enough Organic Broccoli Seeds to grow over 40 litres of sprouts, and 5 GEO Sprout Jars. Because the typical time from soaking the seeds until you have broccoli sprouts that are ready to use is around 5 days, having the 5 jars in this kit means you can produce up to one litre of sprouts per day. If you'd like to order additional seeds with your kit they are available to add as product options over on the right of the page.

      Key Features

      • Family size sprouting kit for growing up to 1 litre of sprouts per day
      • No mess and no hassle - the simplest way to grow any sprouts is in these jars
      • Ideal for maximizing the health benefits of Sulforaphane as a nutritional therapy
      • Comes with enough Organic Broccoli Seed for over 40 jars of finished sprouts


      UK Juicers Says

      Broccoli Sprouts are believed to be a powerful anti-cancer food and an increasing number of studies seem to support that claim. Whether for use as part of a natural therapy or for their myriad other health benefits, having a decent amount of fresh broccoli sprouts available at all times can be of real benefit. Our large Broccoli Sprouting Kit can produce up to a full litre of sprouts per day. They can be juiced in a good masticating juicer along with other ingredients for easy digestion, blended in green smoothies or simply eaten raw. As well as providing plenty of sprouts to ensure maximum benefit to anyone using diet to combat ill-health, this large kit will also provide enough to benefit the whole family as part of a healthy lifestyle. Find out more about the benefits here.

      It typically takes up to 5 days from initial soaking until the sprouts are ready to use and we've put 5 jars in our large kit, so that you can have a daily jar full of sprouts if needed by starting a new jar each day. If you need fewer, simply stagger the time between starting off a new batch to 2 or maybe even 3 days. Having 5 of these miniature greenhouses on your kitchen windowsill is an attractive addition to any kitchen and Sprout Jars are the least messy and most convenient way to grow sprouts at home. You can also add to the versatility of this kit by selecting any of our other Organic Sprouting Seeds from the range to add variety.

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      Tech Specs

      Model Number: BROC-KIT-L
      Warranty: 12 months


      Broccoli Sprout Kit (Large)

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