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      Broccoli Sprout Kit (Deluxe)

      In Summary

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      Our Deluxe Broccoli Sprouting Kit Comprises An Easygreen Automatic Sprouter with 5 narrow sprouting trays, plus enough Organic Broccoli Sprout Seeds for 40 trays of ready to use broccoli sprouts. The Easygreen provides the perfect growing environment for all kinds of sprouts and fully automates the watering process. You set the timer to water the sprouts as often as necessary and a fine mist of water is sprayed over the trays at the set intervals. Because the time to grow sprouts from soaking the seeds is approximately 5 days you can have up to one full tray of sprouts ready every day using this system. Extra seeds are available as product options to the right of the page.

      Key Features

      • Automated Sprouting System with 5 separate trays
      • Gently mists the sprouts for the perfect growing microclimate
      • Enough Organic Broccoli Seed for 40 trays of sprouts
      • Customisable watering cycle with 15 minute interval settings
      • BPA Free construction
      • The fastest way to grow any sprouts

      UK Juicers Says

      You can find out more about the features of the Easygreen Automatic Sprouter included in this kit here. The automation of the watering cycles means your sprouts can be watered whether you are home or not and this factor along with the microclimate created inside the unit can bring your broccoli sprouts (or any other sprout variety) along a little faster than other methods. 

      For people wishing to benefit from the cancer-fighting properties of broccoli sprouts, or for those who just want to consume a good quantity of this superfood on a regular basis, our Deluxe Broccoli Sprout Kit is the premium solution, removing all the guesswork and giving access to up to a litre of fresh sprouts per day ready for harvest. (Find out more about the benefits of broccoli sprouts here). A fine mist spray waters the sprouts at intervals that you set on a timer and the mist also carries vital oxygen to the young roots to boost growth. The mist generator also changes the air in the unit at each watering cycle with clean, filtered air. It's almost impossible to fail to produce healthy, vital young sprouts with this system and it can also be used to produce other sprout varieties and microgreens for salads and garnish.

      Supplied in the package : 

      1 x Easygreen Automatic Sprouter

      2 x Geo Organic Broccoli Seeds - 700g

      1 x Sprouts The Miracle Food by Steve Meyoerowitz

      Tech Specs

      Model Number: BROC-KIT-D
      Warranty: 2 years


      Broccoli Sprout Kit (Deluxe)

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