Champion Juicer 2000 White Champion Juicer 2000 White Champion Juicer 2000 White
Champion Juicer White

Champion Juicer 2000 White


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8 reviews for Champion Juicer 2000 White

  1. Top of the league
    I bought my Champion juicer 10 or 12 years ago. I have only replaced the cutter once. Unfortunately, it died a death recently. It was a magnificent workhorse and shall be sadly missed. I have replaced it with a cheaper, inferior machine and wish I had bought a replacement Champion. The Champion is now back on my Xmas wish list. I would heartily recommend this machine to anyone. Superb value for money and the easiest machine to clean. Quick rinse and done.

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    Sassaf, Warrington (verified owner)

  2. 10 years in and still running
    My wife and I bought a champion juicer from UK Juicers 10 years ago.

    We broke the switch a few weeks ago and UK juicers had a spare in stock and the usual excellent service.

    New switch fitted and after 10 years the juicer still runs like it did when new. This juicer is just indestructible.

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    Simon, Portsmouth (verified owner)

  3. very good juicer and custumservice
    I bought this juicer Champion a few weeks ago and I can say it’s a great service that provides firm Juicer is very good

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    dilfe, denmark (verified owner)

  4. Champion by name, champion by performance
    Our champion is now 12 years old and it has been used, faultlessly, virtually every day (holidays apart). Cleaning is remarkably simple and no maintenance is required. And above all the juice is excellent. We had juicers in the past, but this is a vastly superior product.Thoroughly recommended and terrific value for money.

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    ap islwyn, London (verified owner)

  5. Champion is ‘champion’
    Several friends in the USA have this Juicer and ten years ago we followed their lead. Our experience – there is none better than this system and it has been used continually since the day we purchased it.

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    Ian, Surrey (verified owner)

  6. Juicer let down by poor ancillary parts
    Very powerful juicer but let down by feed effort. blunt cutter and poor body ancillary parts.
    Our 10 year old m/c has had 3 screen holders due to splitting and/or the magnet holder falling off.
    The cutter blunts very quickly. We have had the same input material over the period being: carrots, beetroot,apple, ginger and occasionally mint leaves. Effort to feed these is too high after about 6 feeds of the above with a new cutter. Still however the best non commercial juicer you can buy.

    UK Juicers Says: Thank you for your review. Champion Juicer Cutters are not particularly sharp from the outset and it is very unusual for them to need replacing, even in regular use. Unfortunately sometimes people think that because the teeth do not feel sharp the cutter needs replacing. The Champion does require some force on the pusher to feed ingredients through but the powerful motor and sturdy construction means that it can withstand this force very well. It’s uncommon to need to replace Champion parts so often and we are sorry you felt let down by this.

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    TC, Liphook (verified owner)

  7. Revised review
    The replacement screen holder received from yourselves has addressed one of the problem areas I had with the Champion juicer in my previous review. The redesign of adding a grid to the outlet has made the unit much stronger and should now prevent the splitting of the screen holding grooves, the magnet now held with metal rivets and a more stain resistant and better quality plastic.
    Just need a longer lasting sharp cutter to make 5 stars

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    Tomc, Hants (verified owner)

  8. A trusty workhorse
    I have just dug out my Champion Juicer after barely being used recently. I was reminded what a fantastic quality product it is. I’m surprised to see a few negative points here – so I wanted to leave a review.
    I previously (over many years) used to juice bucket loads of apples from our trees. I managed to wear out two previous centrifugal juicers. The Champion coped with the job admirably and I think it’s pretty easy to wash up afterwards compared to my previous ones.
    I’ve never had any parts need replacing. Admittedly it doesn’t see a lot of action these days – I lost my apple trees in high winds. The white plastic parts have become a little stained with use, but it works just as it did on day one.
    Yesterday I made a rosti with the pulp from potatoes, carrots and beetroot, as well as drinking the carrot and beetroot juice. Yum!

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    BC, Isle of Wight (verified owner)

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